What Do We Do

Successful property investors know that Careful Analysis, Due Diligence and Time are key ingredients which go towards building a successful and profitable property portfolio.

Without Careful Analysis and the ability to compare apples with apples it is difficult to know if the property you are purchasing is worth what you are paying for it.
Without Due Diligence it is difficult to know if the property you are purchasing is going to cost you greatly, both financially and emotionally, once it has settled.
Without Time it is difficult to devote the resources required to find the property best suited to your portfolio.
The glue which holds all of these ingredients together and which makes a successful property investor is EXPERIENCE. Experience has no substitute.

At Adelaide Property Finders, we are licensed to work on your behalf to find you the property you require. We use industry leading software and often find that it is necessary to screen through hundreds of properties before the right property is found.

Once given clear guidelines and instructions from our clients we begin the careful process of sourcing, analysing and critically evaluating properties. Once the right property has been found we negotiate on your behalf to get the very best outcome for you.