What You Can Expect From Us

At Adelaide Property Finders, our role is to help you build the property portfolio you desire. From the time clients first contact us we focus on what is important to you. As goals, strategies and financial circumstances vary from investor to investor we know that it is important that we have a clear understanding of what your individual needs are.

We appreciate that there are many approaches for accumulating wealth through property investing and one is not necessarily any better than the other. When applied correctly, all of these approaches can result in significant wealth accumulation. It is for this reason that when assisting clients, we remain objective and focus on their needs and from time to time, review their strategies for the purpose of allowing the client to be clear that their current approach will assist them in achieving their overall long term goal.

Once a global strategy has been defined the next step is to define specific criteria which will give us clear instructions for acquiring the type of property you desire. An information sheet will be provided here which will allow you to define the type of property you require for your portfolio. We find that, not only is this important for the staff at Adelaide Property Finders, it is also important for the client, as they are required to give the search criteria the required consideration in relation to how the specified criteria matches their overall strategy for wealth accumulation.

Once we have the search criteria and instructions from you to look for property on your behalf, we will begin the sourcing process. For this, we use the latest industry leading software along with logical and systematic approaches. During this process, properties are continually being screened for from amongst the pool of available properties.

Once a property matching your criteria has been identified, a report summarising the various aspects of the property will be prepared and sent to you. When you have reviewed this report and feel that this property is one you would like to add to your portfolio we will take steps towards negotiating for, and securing the property on your behalf. During this process we work closely with our clients to address any of their questions and to ensure that the best opportunity can be obtained for the client.

Upon securing the property a fully detailed report is prepared on behalf of the client indicating the various details of their new property acquisition.