About Us

Adelaide Property Finders  consists of a team of professional property investors with over over 30 years of combined experience in property investing. In addition to sourcing property for other investors we also actively source and purchase property for our own property portfolio. Our purchases include property in Australia, The United States, New Zealand, buy and hold property, development property, commercial property and properties for renovation. As well as sourcing and managing a diverse property portfolio we also employ strategies which improve cash flow and which add value to property.

Angelo Mena is the managing director of Adelaide Property Finders and is responsible for sourcing and overseeing the sourcing of property for clients.

Angelo has a strong research background. He has completed a PhD at the CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratories, the only level 4 facility in the country which is equipped to deal with some of the world’s most harmful pathogens. After completing his work there, he was awarded a fellowship at the Vaccine and Infections Disease Organization, an internationally recognized Canadian laboratory, where he spent the next 3 years working.

As well as research, Angelo has always had a strong passion for real estate and has been involved in real estate investing for many years. Angelo has finished a successful career in research and now focuses on real estate and sourcing properties for clients. With a strong research background he has managed to take the guess work out of property investing and wealth creation.