Six Main Advantages of Certificate III in Carpentry

If you are thinking of starting a career as a chippy or a builder, you should think of pursuing certificate III in Carpentry to help jumpstart your career. You will learn the fundamental skills of working in the building industry and gain relevant experience through the apprenticeship programme.

So if you are passionate about pursuing building a career, you should know how to enrol in a certificate III in carpentry.

The following are the benefits of pursuing Certificate III in Carpentry:

Reasons why you should pursue certificate III in carpentry

  • Hands-on training

Certificate III in Carpentry gives you a chance to practice what you learn in class in real-world situations. Unlike other courses whereby you are only taught the theory part and expected to replicate the theory into practical lessons.

  • Continue your academic

For you to enrol into Certificate IV, you must have first satisfied all the requirements of Certificate III. Hence, Cert III acts as a pathway to more advanced learning in the field of building.

  • Take ether next step in your career

As a builder, it reaches a point in time where you may decide to start your own business. You can easily accomplish this if you understand the concepts of Cert III in Carpentry. Thus, this course offers you the chance to depend on yourself by helping you to start your building enterprise.

  • Job security

As a builder, employers will be fighting for your services provided you have Cert III in Carpentry. They understand that a builder with this certificate is highly-skilled and has the best aptitudes of managing building projects.

  • Learn from the experts

When you enrol for Cert III in Carpentry, you will be trained by a registered building expert that has many years of experience in the field. Hence, you will gain a lot from the training that you would otherwise not get without this certificate.

  • Expands your knowledge

It is very dangerous for any builder to be content with the amount of information they have. What you know is only half of what you need to know, and you can’t ignore increasing your knowledge through studying. Even under an experienced expert, you still have to pursue Cert III in Carpentry to be on the better side. Remember that a builder will only teach you the practical side of the field but can’t teach you the theoretical part. Having sufficient knowledge can help you to stand out from the rest of the builders.

How long does Certificate III in Carpentry take?

Certificate III in Carpentry takes between 3-4 years to complete. During this period, you will be taught the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake projects in construction, renovation, maintenance and repair in residential buildings.

Several teaching techniques are employed during this period. The first one is face-to-face training and evaluation whereby you will be required to sit in class and engage with the trainer. Secondly, you will engage in workplace-based learning in which you will have to visit a construction site and learn from there as builders continue with their tasks.

Apart from that, you will also need to develop a training schedule with the trainer to determine when and how your training/assessment will take place. Having looked at the benefits of Cert III in carpentry, it is clear that it is essential to every carpenter out here.